Everyday Questions

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: - Credit card (3% charge), debit card, check, cash

Q: What chemical products do you sell? 
A; - PristineBlue, Regal, Leisure Time, Natural Chemistry

Q: Do you install in ground and above ground pools?
A: -we only install above grounds but service both

Q: What areas do you service?
A: -anything within a 20 mile range of Pacific

Q: Do you test water?
A: - Yes, $3 per test

Q: Do you do leak detection in pools?
A: - no we don't

Q: Do you do landscaping or decking for pools?
A: - no we don't

Cloudy Water?

Cause- Dirt, dead algae or dead bacteria
Remedy- Shock with 10 milliliters (or 2 teaspoons) of PristineExtra® per 100 gallons of water, filter 2 hours then clean the filter.

Cause- Failure to shock after each use
Remedy- Shock with 5 milliliters (or 1 teaspoon) of PristinePower® per 100 gallons of water.

Cause- Water out of balance
Remedy- Test pH and alkalinity and adjust as needed.

Cause- Insufficient filtration
Remedy- Increase filtration cycles.

Cause- Failure to use PristineCheck® in start up or PristineClear® in maintenance steps
Remedy- Follow directions in Start Up and Every Two Weeks

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